With years of experience working with thousands of cats, the Cat Sleuth is now on the case to help solve the mystery that is
your cat.

By providing caring and customized behavior modification plans and pet care, and helping you to see and understand the world through your cat's eyes, the Cat Sleuth will help you to eliminate your conflicts and nurture the best human-feline relationship possible.


Kerrie McKeon (AKA the Cat Sleuth) grew up in New Haven, CT with two passions: the stage and cats. Early in life, performing took the lead and Kerrie graduated from Penn State with a degree in Theater Arts before moving to Chicago, where she spent eight years working on the stage. Eventually New York's siren song was too much to resist and it brought her back to the East Coast, where she was has been able to pursue a fabulous education and career in cat behavior, care, and overall bettering of the communication between cats and their caregivers.

The Cat Sleuth has spent years working with thousands of cats in a shelter environment, designing behavior modification plans for cats with "issues," successfully matching hundreds of cats with new owners, providing follow-up support when problems arose, and helping to choose the appropriate feline friend for cats who have recently lost their companions.

As a feline behavior specialist, the Cat Sleuth has appeared on several local and national television and radio programs, providing spay/neuter and adoption advice on ABC's Eyewitness News, chiming in on Sirius Radio's Cat Chat on Dog Talk, and discussing cat breeds and their characteristics on the Mike and Juliet Show.

The Cat Sleuth has helped countless humans and their kitty companions; can she solve the mystery that is your cat? Stay tuned to find out... Or just give her a call!


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